Friday, 6 May 2011

Welcome Home

Welcome home to Sheena who must be exausted. I have been Paint Fusioning all week but decided to take the day off in an attempt to give some toilet training to my 5 month old baby Crystal. She has decided that anything that constitutes a cave, i.e, under Gran's bed, under the desk, in the few spare inches behind the sofa is the perfect toilet!!! This is not great and because of her size it is nearly impossible to catch her in the act. Although she is much bigger now than when she first came home with us (she was 1lb then) she is still only just over 3lbs and fits perfectly in all those little places that we cannot easily get to! If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Once again, enjoy a couple of days of rest Sheena.

Debra x


  1. Hey Debra,

    Just an idea, not sure if it'll work but we have cats and dogs and the cats litter box with wood chips gave me an idea, how about training her in cat litter tray with wood litter!! Just an idea as she will never be any bigger than a cat!!!! by the way, welcome to the team!!!

    Hugs, Vick
    FB - Vicky McClean

  2. Thanks so much Vicky, will try that!