Sunday, 27 June 2010

Our Magical Day

Hello to anyone who is not sunbathing or wathching football!

I have just finished putting some of my new stationery and jewellery collection on to my new Wedding Site -

Please take a look give me any comments possitive or negative!

Debra x

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Clarity Stamps by Barbara Gray

I am delighted to announce that my online shop will soon be stocking Clarity Stamps. Thought I would add an image of a Clarity Stamp - Butterfly Montage on Silk. I stamped straight onto the silk with a clear ink pad and then embossed with Cosmic Shimmer Embossing Powder - painted with silk paints and mounted the silk so that after the card is taken down the mounted silk can be framed. A card and a present in one!

Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine, I think we are supposed to be having rain tomorrow but fingers crossed the weather man may be wrong.


Monday, 21 June 2010

Natalia Coleman Running Race For Life

Natalia is running in the race for life and looking for sponsers - if anyone would like to sign up please visit Natalia's Blog we never know when one of us will be struck down by that dreaded desease!

Julia Andrus

Just wanted to say that I was lucky enough to spend a day with Julia Andrus last week learning fantastic techniques for using her fabulous Eco Green Paints and Ink Pads. It isn't only the way these paints effortlessly float over the paper or whatever medium you happen to be painting on - the real magic is that when you buff it, it feels like leather with a silky smoothness. The paint is tactile!

Anyone that watched Julia on Create & Craft last week will know how lovely she came across. She really is like that, always laughing, usually at herself - I am sure that the world is a much better place with her in it. Keep well Julia!

Debra x

Blog and climb Google!

Well, this may not seem a major thing for some people but today when I did a search on Google for Magical Creations and also for Debra Farrell Blog - I got results on the first page !!!!! Blogging really works.

This has cheered me up - was feeling a bit down today. My new site should be online within the next 48 hours so fingers crossed that all goes well. My wedding site is already online but I am still working on it and adding stock - just have to design it first!

All for now - the sunshine is calling so I am going to do my paperwork outside.

Debra x

Saturday, 19 June 2010


For anyone that wants to know how to make the beautiful Metal Tree Card or embellishment for a Scrapbook - please visit my partlly completed new website at:

Don't know why but for some reason my Blog will not upload the image.

My new site should be fully up and running by the end of the week but at the moment if you use my proper web address - you will see my old site.


You Will Need:

Piece of clear acetate (totally smooth)
Crystal Laquer
Ranger Alcohol Inks
Cosmic Shimmer Mica Pigments
Cosmic Shimmer Glitters
Tissue Paper - gold, silver or colour to match desired scheme.

1. Squeeze crystal laquer in a ramdom pattern over the sheet of acetate.

2. Drop inks all over the acetate, try not to drop the colours into each other this is best if the colours bleed into each other from he sides. Sprinkle with Cosmic Shimmer Mica Pigments.

3. Sprinkle with Cosmic Shimmer Glitter.

4. Screw up a piece of tissue paper and then open up. Gently lay the paper over the acetate and take a piece of scrumpled up paper towel or cloth to pat the paper down.

Leave to dry overnight and then trim to size. Attach to base card with either glue or brads.

** Tip** You can stamp images on the front of the acetate but if doing this I would suggest you do it first with either archival or stayzon then if you smudge the image you have not wasted all your work and materials.

PROJECT WORKSHEET Belle in Green Cosmic Fibre Outfit and Glitter Technique Boarder

You will need:

Cosmic Shimmer Angel Fibres
Craft Iron or Travel Iron
Selection of Cosmic Shimmer Glitters
Narrow Extra Sticky Double Sided Tape
Colouring Pens or Pad for skin tone and hair.
Black Archival Inkpad
Piece of Baking Paper

1. Stamp image on card colour skin and air - cut out if mounting on a coloured card - if leaving card white stamp directly onto card front.

2. Turn on iron Medium to Hot

3. Get fibre ready by gently pulling apart and forming a shape that will cover the image of Belle. Ink up your stamp, lay the fibre on top of the inked pad, lay baking paper over top and gently place iron down on top of paper. Iron the entire image until you see the black outline showing through the paper.

4. Lift the paper to see that all the fibres have bonded together. Lift off the image and cut out the outfit pieces. Any cut off pieces can be saved and used in future projects.

5. If you have a Xyron machine you can put the outfit pieces through to get them sticky. If not, use the ultra sticky double sided tape - wet glue will come through the outfit.

** TIP ** Put the double sided tape on the finer parts of the image, i.e., shoes, hands, before cutting out as it is difficult to add the tape to very small pieces afterwards.

Glitter Boarder

Put strips of double sided tape down he edge of the card. Pull back a small section of tape on the first column, about an inch at a time, and add glitter. Carry on folding the tape back one inch at a time and adding the glitter until you have achieved the desired effect.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Laura's Lonely Beads

If anyone is interests - and you should be - you have to chance to enter Laura Sparling's Prize Draw. Details can be found on Laura's Website at:

Laura is without question the top Glass Bead Making in the UK if not in the Universe!!!
Yes, I love her beads.