Saturday, 19 June 2010

PROJECT WORKSHEET Belle in Green Cosmic Fibre Outfit and Glitter Technique Boarder

You will need:

Cosmic Shimmer Angel Fibres
Craft Iron or Travel Iron
Selection of Cosmic Shimmer Glitters
Narrow Extra Sticky Double Sided Tape
Colouring Pens or Pad for skin tone and hair.
Black Archival Inkpad
Piece of Baking Paper

1. Stamp image on card colour skin and air - cut out if mounting on a coloured card - if leaving card white stamp directly onto card front.

2. Turn on iron Medium to Hot

3. Get fibre ready by gently pulling apart and forming a shape that will cover the image of Belle. Ink up your stamp, lay the fibre on top of the inked pad, lay baking paper over top and gently place iron down on top of paper. Iron the entire image until you see the black outline showing through the paper.

4. Lift the paper to see that all the fibres have bonded together. Lift off the image and cut out the outfit pieces. Any cut off pieces can be saved and used in future projects.

5. If you have a Xyron machine you can put the outfit pieces through to get them sticky. If not, use the ultra sticky double sided tape - wet glue will come through the outfit.

** TIP ** Put the double sided tape on the finer parts of the image, i.e., shoes, hands, before cutting out as it is difficult to add the tape to very small pieces afterwards.

Glitter Boarder

Put strips of double sided tape down he edge of the card. Pull back a small section of tape on the first column, about an inch at a time, and add glitter. Carry on folding the tape back one inch at a time and adding the glitter until you have achieved the desired effect.

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